When storing massive amounts of data in data lake or data warehouse solutions with each data entry attached to an ObjectID, the timestamp data embedded in the ObjectID comes in handy for certain time range queries without unnecessary joins. Here are a few example use cases.

  • Summarize 12 month trailing purchase records by user creation/signup time given that user ID’s are ObjectID’s
  • Summarize 12 month trailing activities by user session given that session ID’s are ObjectID’s

In this article, we will look into parsing and using the timestamp part of the ObjectID in Hive and Presto queries. …

In this article, we are going to walkthrough a version of the raw implementation of the JWT specification in Python3. For simplicity, we will use the HMAC + SHA256 for the signing algorithm.

Let’s look at the JWT in a functional sense. There are three outputs to the JWT concatenated with a dot(“.”).


When building the JWT, there are three inputs.

  • the header describing the token type and the signing algorithm in JSON
  • the payload describing the claims or information about the user assigned the token in JSON
  • the private key that is used to sign the header and…

Injae Lee


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