Extract Time From Mongo ObjectID For Time Range Queries

  • Summarize 12 month trailing purchase records by user creation/signup time given that user ID’s are ObjectID’s
  • Summarize 12 month trailing activities by user session given that session ID’s are ObjectID’s

Anatomy of the ObjectID

Exclusively From MongoDB 3.2

5fee6600 | f75eabce97 | 882944
(1) (2) (3)
  1. The first 4 bytes (1) is the creation time in seconds since the Unix epoch
  2. The next 5 bytes (2) is the random value
  3. The last 3 bytes (3) is the incrementing counter

Inclusively To MongoDB 3.2

5fee6600 | f75eab | ce97 | 882944
(1) (2) (3) (4)
  1. The first 4 bytes (1) and the last 3 bytes (4) are the same as the later versions
  2. The second 3 bytes (2) is the machine identifier
  3. The next 2 bytes (3) is the process id

Extracting the Creation Time of the ObjectID’s


SUBSTRING(your_object_id, 0, 8),
16, 10


SUBSTR(your_object_id, 1, 8), -- index starts from 1





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